Port of Helsinki: Fairway charges excluded

By on April 19, 2020 0 61 Views

Just over a week ago, the government called on shipping companies to suspend ticket sales to Estonia, Sweden and Germany until mid-May.

Passenger car ferries now run without passengers, and freight alone is not enough to keep traffic profitable.

Eckerö Line announced the dismissal of almost 500 people, mainly concerning the personnel of the Swedish-flagged vessels M / s Eckerö and M / s Birka.

The Security of Supply Center maintains three ship connections between Helsinki and Tallinn to secure exports and imports.

Last week, the government decided on a support package for shipping companies. Shipowners will receive the EUR 600 million in state guarantees for their bank loans, which they need to survive the interest rate crisis.

The Port of Helsinki has said that it expects more decisions from the government in the May supplementary budget. According to the release, it would now be important to remove fairway charges from shipping companies this year retroactively from the beginning of the year and continue with the same model until next year.

The Port of Helsinki is the busiest passenger port in Europe. Frequent traffic has enabled a common labor market between Helsinki and Tallinn and diversified the economies of both countries.

At present, it is expected in several industries when employees and passengers will be able to cross the Gulf of Finland again. Then the Helsinki-Tallinn area can continue to develop on the basis of busy ship connections.

As reported by: Ikkunapaikka-Window Seat Finland